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From Single Parent to New Partner: Five Tips for Navigating the Terrain

Single parents can have mixed feelings about dating. If you’re ready to start dating again, these tips can help you navigate the datng scene successfully.

How to Compromise Without Sacrificing Your Needs in a Relationship

Learn how to compromise in a way that turns your relationship from one of frustration into a source of comfort and happiness.

Return from Fantasyland: How to Have Achievable Relationship Goals

Do you dream of the day you'll meet your ideal partner?  You know the one who says the right things and does the right things and makes you feel special and most important.  The one who get it and just get you.  You know, that one! Save Save Save I got married at 22...

Hi there!  I’m Tanya Finks.  I help people date intentionally, build collaborative romantic partnerships, and foster fulfilling physical intimacy.  I’m happily coupled, I’m a staunch believer in vacation, and I love anything crime drama, all things Shonda Rhimes, and everything superhero.

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