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Live Wire: October 16, 2017

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In this week’s look around the web at all things dating, relationships, and fulfilling physical intimacy, we discover how to turn around a damaged relationship; 19 awesome things to do by yourself; the 10 stages of relationship; how to listen effectively when it feels like you’re sleeping with the enemy; and how an altar boy became the other man.

Around the web, all things dating, relationships and physical intimacy.

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How to Turn Around a Damaged RelationshipMatthew L. Jacobson at The Daily Positive – Why are we so ready to walk away from people and never look back? What thinking has convinced us that people aren’t as important as we thought?  When it comes to relationships these days, it seems just about everyone is packing around a lighter and a stick of dynamite.  “I’m just protecting myself”, our internal voice whispers. But all we’re really doing is shrinking our world one relationship at a time, living in an ever-diminishing sphere of our own “rightness”.

19 Awesome Things to Do by YourselfHilary White at Pop Sugar – Sometimes we’re so concerned with finding a way to fill every single minute of every day interacting with people that we forget to take a step back and give ourselves some quality “me” time. Spending time alone is a way to recharge your mental batteries and regroup — everybody needs to do it now and then! So get over your fear of missing out or your reservations about being seen somewhere solo, and embark on a mission to treat yourself to these 19 dates with yourself.

Around the web, all things dating, relationships, and physical intimacy.


The 10 Stages of Relationships and How to Get Through Each OneMercury at – There are 10 distinct stages of relationships, and how you handle each stage will make or break your relationship success. The chances are good that you have already failed in both the beginning stages and the later stages, so if you want to make your current relationship or future relationship successful, it is important to understand where you are going wrong.

Around the web, all things dating, relationships, and physical intimacy.


On Opposite Sides: What to Do When it Feels Like You’re Sleeping With the Enemy, Part TwoMs. Finks at Intimate Explorations – In part one of this series, we established that even in harmonious relationships, you might find that you and your partner are on opposite sides of the types of issues that divide countries (apparently). You might have come together on passion over commonality. Or you may have evolved differently over time. However you got here, here you are. So how do you navigate the issues without letting them erode the bond between you? Part one covers the importance of disagreeing respectfully. Let’s continue with part two of our exploration.

How an Altar Boy Became the Other ManAustin Hudgens at Head. Heart. Health – I wasn’t a religious fanatic, but I was raised by one, and she turned over my education to nuns and the Jesuits.  I was dragged to church on every Sunday and Holy Day of Obligation, served as an altar boy, and even did the readings at Sunday mass.  I believed marriage was a sacred agreement between a couple to love each other, remain faithful, and stay together until death finally caused their parting.  Since marriage was a sacrament, and wedding vows were taken before God, in front of loved ones, I faithfully expected those promises would be honored forever.

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