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Live Wire: October 9, 2017

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In this week’s look around the web at all things dating, relationships and intimacy, we discover seven must do’s while you’re single, 12 relationships lessons you only learn after a breakup, the 10 biggest turn offs for women, seven things you should stop saying in a relationship, and what to do when it feels like you’re sleeping with the enemy.

Dating, relationships, and intimacy around the web.

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7 Must Do’s While You’re SingleDale Partridge at The Daily Positive – Singlehood doesn’t have to be a time of suffering or loneliness. It’s not a place of deficiency or lack. Singlehood should be celebrated and explored – these are the years where many of us actually find out who we are.

12 Relationship Lessons You Only Learn After a BreakupKhouloud at – Although we learn a lot about relationships when we’re into one, we learn more when we’re out of it. After grieving, we start to see things clearly without complications; without all the feelings that get into the way of mind that prevents it from thinking straight. We start to see the big picture thus, we learn from our mistakes better. Below are some lessons you only learn after a breakup:

Dating, relationships, and intimacy around the web.

10 Biggest Turn-offs for WomenMorgan at Modern & Blissful – In my last post, “What turns women on…the truth“, I revealed a list of traits and actions that turn women on. I wanted to follow up with 10+1 things that are the biggest turn offs for women. I was aiming for 10 but got a little carried away and just couldn’t choose one to subtract, so we have 11 biggest turn-offs for women. If you’re a guy reading this, print this and stick it on your fridge or something. You want women to be crazy over you? Take good care of yourself both physically and mentally. Get your sh*t together. I want a nasty loser! SAID NO WOMAN EVER!


7 Things You Should Stop Saying in a RelationshipSarah Altschule at – It’s normal for couples to argue and to get into heated debates, but we do need to eliminate some words from our vocabulary. Communication is key for a relationship to be strong and healthy. With that being said, you want to communicate in an effective way, instead of using words that might stir up emotions. Here are 7 things you should stop saying to the person you are dating.

On Opposite Sides: What to Do When It Feels Like You’re Sleeping with The Enemy (part 1)Ms. Finks at Intimate Explorations – What happens when the person with whom you intensely disagree sleeps in your bed every night? The passion can be intensified when it’s your partner who holds opposite views from your own. I’m talking about the types of issues that divide countries. How do you engage in discussion about those issues without letting it divide your household? Read on to discover five tips for what to do when it feels like you’re sleeping with the enemy.


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