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Live Wire: Week of August 21, 2017

by | Aug 21, 2017 | Live Wire | 2 comments

In this week’s look around the web at all things dating, relationships, sex and intimacy, we discover 16 sure-fire ways to stop fighting about money in your marriage; the resilience formula and how it applies to resolving any problem situation; how to strengthen marriage after kids; 6 tips to make your relationship last beyond the honeymoon period; and one woman’s worst online dating experiences.

Live Wire - Dating, Relationships, Sex and Intimacy Around the Web

16 Sure-Fire Ways to Stop Fighting About Money in Your MarriageJenn at The Art of Better – Fighting about money is often cited as one of the biggest reasons for divorce in the US. Not only does disagreement over finances often lead to the d-word, it causes upset in the home, relationship, and family. Over time, fighting about money can lead to resentment, control issues, infidelity, and even a loss of respect for your partner.  The most effective way to stop fighting about money is to increase communication and have clear expectations for each other. Communication is key, especially when we’re talking about something that can be so emotionally charged. Some of these tips may seem a little uncomfortable at first but isn’t it worth it to have a happy, harmonious marriage? I think so.

The Resilience Formula – How to Resolve Any Problem SituationKatie Paul at Head. Heart. Health – Nearly every day I get emails from women who find themselves in difficult relationships. Their situations are complex and painful leaving them struggling to know what to do. Whatever situation you’re in, you can apply the Resilience Formula which provides you with four choices.

Strengthening Your Marriage After KidsElisabeth McKnight at – How many times since having kids have you heard the importance of getting out the house with your guy for a kid-free evening? A lot right? The advice usually included not talking about your children either, didn’t it? Well I think my very favorite moments of marriage these last two years (Lincoln is TWO, when did that happen??), revolved around the two sweet spirits we’ve brought into the world. There is not a time I’ve loved Ben more than watching him be a kind and patient father. And as much as we love rock climbing, there is nothing quite like the shared love of a tiny human to bond you over a common interest.

6 Tips to Make Your Relationship Last Beyond the Honeymoon PeriodEmese Taylor at GoDates.Co.Uk – The honeymoon period is over. You’ve been together for a year and things already feel a little different. That feeling of wanting to spend every second together has dissipated and those niggling habits that you once thought were so adorable are starting to grind. It’s tempting to start nagging your way through or questioning whether your partner is the perfect match you always thought they were, you might also start to think of someone else… Well don’t. It’s time to put the brakes on this kind of thinking and get realistic.  Realism and romanticism are not great bedfellows, but realism will win every time in this game we call love. Things won’t always be as they once were, but before you start slipping down that particular slope, put these actions into place to keep your relationship fresh and alive beyond honeymoon period.

Online Dating Disasters Divulged: My Worst ExperiencesAlana Hebenton at GoDates.Co.Uk – Awkward silences, ‘quirky’ personalities and embarrassing situations are common experiences that fit under the umbrella of bad dates. Now, thanks to online dating, these experiences are just a click away. That’s why I want to share my top five online dating disasters, in a bid to find someone who can match or even top my catastrophes. From Tinder traumas to the horrors of Happn, here I share five stories of the worst dates I’ve had.



  1. Antonio Rozić

    Although I’m still nowhere near a marriage or kids, “money arguments” happen often in my relationships. Thus, I found the “stop fighting” article quite helpful. Now I need to find a way for my girlfriend to read about it as well.

    • Ms. T

      😊 I found it interesting as well. Glad you found it useful!

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