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Live Wire: Week of August 28, 2017

by | Aug 28, 2017 | Live Wire | 0 comments

In this week’s look around the web at all things dating, relationships, sex and intimacy, we discover modern sexual etiquette – the ten commandments; 30 subtle ways that women are flirting with men; five dos and don’ts for a first date; how to enhance the sexual experience through the five senses; and why you might be dreaming about your ex.

A look around the web at all things dating, relationships, sex and intimacy

Modern Sexual Etiquette – The Ten CommandmentsKatie Paul at Head. Heart. Health – (1) Thou shalt take care of thy personal hygiene.  This is includes but is not limited to trimming (or removing) one’s bush, shaving one’s beard or legs, wearing deodorant and having fresh breath. (2) Thou shalt discuss contraception.  This conversation should be had before entering the bedroom. A modern lady or gentlemen will always have a supply of condoms on hand.

30 Subtle Ways That Women are Flirting With MenA at Relationship Rules – Flirtatious advances can get lost on some people… especially men. Sometimes, men just don’t pay much attention to detail and so they miss out on the opportunities to pick up some signals from women they would typically be interested in. Women try their best to put themselves out there without being overly forward but their efforts often go unnoticed. If you’re a guy and you’re completely oblivious, then perhaps love is just never going to work out in your favor. You need to gain a certain sense of self-awareness and understanding of human emotions. You need to be able to tell when a girl is interested in you or not.

First Date Dos and Don’ts For MenChristine Robb at Digital Romance – Last weekend, I was out with some friends when we were approached by a couple of men. One of the guys asked what we did for a living, and was very interested in the fact that I write about dating.  I explained that my writing is geared towards women, and he asked what he, as a single, dating man, should be doing. After a long conversation, from which we both walked away with a few new ideas, he told me that he thought I should write a few articles for men…

Sex and the Five Senses: How to Enhance the Sexual ExperienceMorgan at Modern & Blissful – Through our five senses, we experience the world around us. Our senses begin to develop even before we are born. In the womb, the fetus hears the mother’s voice and can smell the external surroundings. Newborns, although their vision is not completely developed yet, are able to see their surroundings and through this, they learn about their environment. They learn to recognize familiar faces, scents, and physical sensations.  Our senses play a major role in our survival allowing us to recognize pleasure and pain. I’m here to show you how you can use your five senses to your sexual advantage. By focusing on the five senses you can increase sexual desire, whether your own or your partner’s. By enhancing or subtracting various senses you can experience sex at a whole ‘nother level.

Why Am I Dreaming of My Ex?Pamela Cummins at Learn Dream Interpretation – My clientele ask me the blog title’s question quite often. If you broke up with someone recently or even a couple of years ago, it makes sense that you would dream about them. What truly baffles my clients are when they dream of an ex-lover from decades ago. Our dreams often help us process feelings, thoughts, as well as our true heart’s desire, which we are either in denial about or too busy during the day to acknowledge. Dreaming about an ex-mate is helping you heal.



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