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Live Wire: Week of August 7, 2017

by | Aug 7, 2017 | Live Wire | 3 comments

In this week’s look around the web at all things dating, relationships, sex and intimacy, we discover 5 tips for keeping marriage alive after kids; 14 tips and resources for a fun, happy, passionate marriage; how to make your sweetheart feel loved; the differences between men and women in times of stress; and the top ten Ted Talks for the sexually curious.


5 Tips for Keeping Marriage Alive After KidsAlly at You are More – I know babies aren’t supposed to control your life or your marriage, but the reality is that they are very demanding of your time. Babies take a lot of work, and your schedule really does revolve around them especially for the first year. Babies are a huge blessing and every second of the extra work and days being wrapped around them are worth it, but sometimes it can leave you feeling a little drained in all areas of life, including your marriage.

14 Tips for a Fun, Happy, Passionate MarriageGaye at Calm.  Healthy.  Sexy.Life gets in the way, our “stuff” gets in the way, and the cares of daily life often just wear us down, making a passionate marriage seem like a long-lost dream. I know that as well as anyone – I’ve been there many times and sometimes, despite my best efforts, I still end up there.  But I want a passionate marriage – a fun, sexy and intimate marriage. And I think you want that too. Which means that we need to learn some ways to push back against the tide of stress and exhaustion and work to keep passion as a priority in our lives and marriages. Here are some tips, ideas and resources that can help

3 Ways to Make Your Sweetheart Feel LovedSara at mrs. imperfect – One huge priority in my marriage is making sure that my husband feels loved and special. Some days I do a better job of this then others, I’ll admit. Here’s some of what I do at three different parts of the day to remind him of how much I care


The Difference Between Men and Women in Times of StressKhouloud at Loud Life – A common mistake in relationships is to expect from your partner to feel the way you do and want the things you want. Such beliefs are creating unnecessary conflicts and resentment in our relationship. Still, you can avoid all these complications and your relationship can thrive once you acknowledge your differences as a man and woman, and most importantly respect it.  Below is yet another difference between men and women when coping with moments of stress

The Top Ten Ted Talks for the Sexually Curious – Katie at Head Heart Health – The Top Ten Ted Talks about sexuality, relationships, orgasms, passion, seduction and love.


  1. Crisly

    Love, Respect and Honesty are the most powerful keys to keep the marriage fire burning.

  2. Alina Marcu

    We can never behave, respond or think like our partner. Though, indeed, we expect this from our significant other.
    Big, big mistake!
    Thank you for pointing it out!

  3. paul

    interesting read, very well written by the way


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