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In this week’s look around the web, we learn three research-backed secrets to make your relationship last, how the US is struggling when it comes to sex ed, what sex resolutions eight men and women have created for 2016, and we hear a little-told tale of sex and sensuality.

How to Make Your Relationship Last: 3 Secrets Backed by ResearchEric Barker, – The beginning of a relationship is amazing. But often, it starts to fizzle out later on…The things you used to love about them start to annoy you. They don’t listen. They don’t seem interested in meeting your needs. It doesn’t feel reciprocal anymore.  What’s the problem here? We all want to know how to make love last.

The US is Struggling When it Comes to Sex EdMolly Shea, Yahoo! Health – The CDC just released its 2014 School Health Profiles, and found that sex education in schools is seriously lacking. While the results of the report are disappointing, they also highlight a dangerous system, one that leaves students vulnerable to teen pregnancy, STDs, and more.

Men and Women Dish Their Sex Resolutions for 2016Scott Power, Women’s Health – I bet most of us would like to have more sex. At least, I sure would. Pretty much any resolution I’ve made this year is so that I can potentially have more sex. I’d like to get in shape so women will want to bone me, work harder so ladies will be impressed by all of my money, and do at least 500 Kegels every day so that I can have sex with women longer.  As it turns out, I’m far from alone in making sex-related resolutions. I asked eight men and women for what they’d like to do more of, less of, and keep up—in bed. Here’s what they said.

A Little-told Tale of Sex and SensualityShereen El Feki, TedGlobal – “If you really want to know a people, start by looking inside their bedrooms,” says Shereen El Feki, who traveled through the Middle East for five years, talking to people about sex. While those conversations reflected rigid norms and deep repression, El Feki also discovered that sexual conservatism in the Arab world is a relatively new thing. She wonders: could a re-emergence of public dialogue lead to more satisfying, and safer, sex lives?

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