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Live Wire: Week of September 11, 2017

by | Sep 11, 2017 | Live Wire | 0 comments

In this week’s look around the web at all things dating, relationships, sex and intimacy, we discover what to let go of for a happier life; the secret life of newlyweds; relational wellness; ten kinds of men you will date after 40; and how to get back in the dating game as a single parent.

Live Wire: Around the web, all things dating, relationships, sex and intimacy.

8 Things to Let Go of For a Happier Life - Corinne at The Pragmatic Parent - No one is responsible for your happiness but you. It’s a choice you have to make – will you live a life of happiness or not? Be happier now by letting go of these 8 things.  The amount of happiness and contentment that you carry with you each and every day is dictated by the weight of things you hold onto. Yes, your environment –work, home, finances, and responsibilities play a considerable role in your happiness – but who you were and what you did before now, and the things that you hold onto can be a heavy burden unless you give yourself permission to let them go.

The Secret Life of Newlyweds: Expectations vs. Reality - Sepideh at Elle is for Love - Have you noticed the marriage theme going on this week? Yeah, you’re not crazy. But I am. I’ve been a bit wedding crazy because I still can’t believe we got married one year ago and I think I needed a way to relive the experience and look back on our first year of marriage. Part of it is sentimental, another part of it is that I learned SO much that I want to share with you. I know that some of you might not be married or might not even WANT to be married. But that’s okay, some of the advice and I’ve shared are relevant to everyone. Today, I thought I would do something a bit more…funny….even though in the moment, it wasn’t necessarily as funny.  In fact, during our first year of marriage, I put a LOT of expectations on myself and the first few months, I was getting stressed out because I couldn’t keep up. What’s crazy is that I didn’t realize how much I have been influenced by society and what I’ve seen and heard growing up about what it means to be someone’s wife (oh gosh, I still get butterflies saying that! I’m someone WIFE! HA! Lil’ ol’ me? I still feel like a kid sometimes, let alone someones wife! Poor him hahaha).

Relational Wellness: Caring for Your Relationships - Esther at Wellness Mom Life - When you think of your health, relational wellness is probably not the first thing that comes to mind.  However, the health of your most important relationships can significantly impact your overall well-being as a mom. I cover 3 main areas of relationships here: marriage, motherhood, and friendship. If one of these areas is not healthy, then it’s highly unlikely that you will be experiencing wellness and balance yourself.

Live Wire - Around the web, all things dating, relationship, sex and intimacy.

Live Wire - Around the web, all things dating, relationship, sex and intimacy.

The 10 Kinds of Men You Will Date After 40Katie Paul at Head. Heart. Health – Phew! You can breathe a sigh of relief — you have made it through a bad breakup or divorce and you are ready to face the world again. You put your profile up on an online dating site and wait for the invitations to roll in.  But things are not as you imagined. The men who ask you out aren’t quite what you expected. Here are ten different kinds of men you will date after your forties.

From Single Parent to New Partner: Five Tips for Navigating the Terrain Ms. Finks at Intimate ExplorationsIf you’re having reservations about returning to the dating pool after becoming a single mom, take heart. You’re not alone. It’s not unusual for single parents to have mixed feelings about dating as the “playing field” has been significantly altered. Now you have a little one (or several little ones) to consider and the consequences of your actions could influence not only your life, but theirs as well.  Closing yourself off from relationships altogether, however, isn’t the solution. If you feel you’re ready to start dating again, the following tips can help you navigate the dating scene with more successful results. 



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