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Live Wire: Week of September 18, 2017

by | Sep 18, 2017 | Live Wire | 0 comments

In this week’s look around the web at all things dating, relationships, sex and intimacy, we discover when to let your freak fly; six signs you’re not putting enough effort into your relationship; 21 relationship facts; how to connect, even if you’re angry; and what your first date outfit says.

Live Wire - Around the web, all things dating, relationshisp, sex and intimacy.

So You’re in a New Relationship: When Do You Let Your Freak Flag Fly?Morgan at Modern & Blissful – As you may or may not know, I occasionally reach out to my social media followers for topic ideas. During my last topic research quest, I spoke with a gentleman with an arsenal of questions, one of which really caught my attention:  “When you’re in a new relationship, how long should you wait before you let your freak out?”  I realize that dating is difficult and new relationships are hard to navigate. Sex related matters may further complicate relationships, especially when dealing with a more conservative type of individual. You must keep in mind that not everyone is as open about sex as me and the greater majority of society maintains their sex lives as private matters. 

6 Signs You’re Not Putting Enough Effort Into Your RelationshipBibi Dietz at Bustle – You know what can kill a relationship? Autopilot. If you’re not putting enough effort into a relationship, though, that’s exactly where things tend to go. No matter how much is going on in life, a successful relationship requires a sense of freshness, excitement, and being present — even if it’s just a long talk about life, or a trip to the movies here and there, or a weekend trip, or just a plain old late-night sandwich shared after a long day. 

21 Relationship Facts I Wish I Had Known BeforeKhouloud at Loud Life – Relationship can be too complicated to understand at times, you wish you had more experience to understand things better so that hopefully it can get easier. But then what are books for if it wasn’t to give you this experience! It certainly can’t replace a real experience, but it can get you to understand not only relationships, but also yourself and your partner.  Below are some facts I learned from relationships books such as “Getting the love you want” for “Harville Hendrix, Ph.D.” “Divorce busting” for “Michele Weiner-Davis” and “Relationship rescue” for “Phillip C. McGraw. Ph.D.” 

Live Wire - Around the web, all things dating, relationships, sex and intimacy.




How to Connect, Even if You’re Angry Ms. Finks at Intimate Explorations – Every relationship has its share of ups and downs. When disagreements or misunderstandings cause you to become hurt or angry, the intimacy you share with your partner will suffer. Physical intimacy often takes a hit when you fight with your significant other, especially if you tend to use sex (or the withholding of sex) as a bargaining tool to resolve issues in your relationship.  Learning how to connect when you’re troubled, hurt or angry can help defuse negative feelings and lead to greater openness in your relationship. In fact, resolving differences amicably without arguing or withholding sex can strengthen your relationship and make you that much more appreciative of your partner. The following strategies can be helpful in resolving personal conflicts in a productive manner. 

What Your First Date Outfit SaysEmma Betty at TinyLoveBug – Back in the day, people used to meet in real life. Forced together by (well-meaning but clearly delusional) mutual family and friends, drunk and with drastically lowered standards on a night out, or just hooking up with someone at work because you were too lazy to look elsewhere.  Thankfully, times have changed and with online dating the average single lady is likely to meet more people, and go on more first dates than ever before.  Unfortunately, first impressions last (I know, this sucks, I wish I could wear my slanket everywhere too), so if this is a first date that you hope segues into a second, how you dress matters. 

Live Wire - Around the web, all things dating, relationships, sex and intimacy.

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