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Live Wire: Week of September 25, 2017

by | Sep 25, 2017 | Live Wire | 0 comments

In this week’s look around the web at all things dating, relationships, sex and intimacy, we discover relationship intelligence for men; ten red flags for a toxic relationship; five things that trip you up in the bedroom; what his tinder profile says about him; and how to love a broken-hearted woman.

Around the web, all things dating, relationships, sex and intimacy.

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Relationship Intelligence for Men: Your Simple 12-Step GuideThomas G. Fiffer for The Good Men Project – And let’s dispel right now the myth that women are born with relationship intelligence and have more of it than men. They don’t. But because men have been conditioned to feel inadequate in this area and shown as bumblers in popular media, we have trouble trusting our instincts and tapping our innate relationship skills. So we often come across as under-confident and unsure of ourselves.  Guys, being a good partner is not difficult. You already have everything you need to bring your best self to a relationship. Because your best self is right there, inside you.

10 Red Flags of a Toxic RelationshipBritney at Surrealistique – As someone who was once in a toxic relationship, I didn’t pay attention to the signs and just brushed everything off. It’s important for people to recognize the signs of an unhealthy relationship early on. These are all things I’ve went through myself, so I’m creating this list to help others know what to look out for.

Around the web, all things dating, relationships, sex and intimacy.

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Five Things that Trip You Up in the Bedroom and How to Overcome ThemMs. Finks at Intimate Explorations – While it’s not reasonable to expect that you’ll maintain the same level of curiosity and excitement present at the start of a new relationship, you are also not doomed to the cliché lackluster sex life that is too frequently characteristic of the long-term committed experience. So what gets in the way of your ideal – passionate, stimulating, fun, etc. – intimate relationship with your partner? Take a look at these five things that trip you up in the bedroom, and some valuable tips and resources that will help you overcome them.


What His Tinder Profile Says About HimEmma Betty at tinylovebug – Uggggh. Meeting people. Just uggghhhhh. Sorting the wheat from the chaff can seem like an impossible task with so many douchebags out there. Luckily, modern technology has managed to concentrate all those douchebags in one spot, known as Tinder. This is both a blessing and a curse, it can be hard not to lose hope when you are confronted with so many profiles that bring to mind the phrases like ‘maybe dying alone isn’t so bad’, ‘has that line EVER worked’ and ‘what the actual fuck’ or just *cringe*. But don’t stress, TLB is here to help, with some hints on how to decipher the meaning behind the animal mating rituals that make up Tinder.

Around the web, all things dating, relationships, sex and intimacy.


How to Love a Broken-Hearted WomanKatie Paul at Head. Heart. Health.They say that being grown-up means you have survived at least three disasters and one apocalypse. Quite often, that apocalypse involves a broken heart. There are very few women venturing into love the second (or third or fourth…) time around who don’t have deep emotional scars. They are a paradox of strength and vulnerability. But they can be difficult to love. This is how to love a broken-hearted woman.


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