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Love Line: Do You Work With an Ex?

by | Sep 7, 2017 | Love Line | 4 comments

Inspired by media and entertainment, Love Line asks real relationship questions based on fictional romantic story lines.

On NBC’s now cancelled The Mysteries of Laura, Debra Messing’s character, Laura Diamond, works with her ex-husband, Jake, played by Josh Lucas.  Jake wants Laura back and is actively pursuing her, but Laura is in a relationship with Tony, albeit new.  This situation is clearly contrived for drama and intrigue, however, it’s a real possibility in real life.  Unfortunately, in real life, we don’t have script-writers to help us behave in perfectly mature ways under such potentially messy circumstances.

Love Line: Do You Work With an Ex?

I’ve been at my day-job 21 years.  It’s a job that I value and enjoy, one that’s provided well for me and my family.  I’m fortunate in that I’ve never been drawn to date anyone at work.  If I had, though, and things got messy, I would definitely have to figure some things out.  A good friend of mine is currently contemplating dating a co-worker.  The consequences, should things not work out, could be disastrous for him.

Have you ever worked with an ex?

Have you ever worked with an ex?  How long/well did you know each other before you started dating?  How long did you date?  Did work factors impact romance?  Did romance factors impact work?  When it ended, how was the transition from lover to ex when you worked together every day?  Did things get sticky?  Do you still work together?  Was it worth it?

Please share your experiences for those who might be considering making a similar choice.

Love Line: Do You Work With an Ex?
Love Line: Do You Work With an Ex?


  1. LaToya

    I don’t think I would date a co worker because it would be to odd and I would think too many people would be in our business

    • Ms. Finks

      Right? I think it has the potential to get sticky quickly!

  2. Purity

    I always tell all my friends to be careful when thinking about crossing the line between personal lives and work… As for working with an ex, I wouldn’t imagine working with any of mine…

    • Ms. Finks

      LOL! I hear you, Purity!!


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