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Love Line: When You Have to Separate, But Can’t Explain Why?

by | Aug 3, 2017 | Love Line | 0 comments

Inspired by media and entertainment, Love Line asks real relationship questions based on fictional romantic story lines.  Published the first Thursday of the month.

On ABC’s Castle, Castle and Beckett were living apart while Beckett worked through some personal issues, and she hadn’t shared her reasons.  It was an unusual situation.  There had been no betrayal.  They weren’t having marital problems.  She was just going through something that, for her, required space and time.  Made me curious…

Have you ever chosen to separate from your partner for reasons he or she didn’t understand?

How long were you apart?  Were you able to successfully reunite?  How did you make it work?


What do you think?

Hi there!  I’m Tanya Finks.  I help people date intentionally, build collaborative romantic partnerships, and foster fulfilling physical intimacy.  I’m happily coupled, I’m a staunch believer in vacation, and I love anything crime drama, all things Shonda Rhimes, and everything superhero.

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