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Survey: How People Meet

by | Aug 17, 2017 | Surveys | 0 comments

Dating apps.  Bars.  Gyms.  Networking events.  Work.  Clubs.  House parties.  Meet up events.  Well-meaning grandmothers.  There are so many ways to meet someone.  Hopeful daters often struggle with dating fatigue.  It seems like they’ll never meet the partner of their dreams, and they’re almost ready to give up trying.

How People Meet



In Hello, Stranger, I encouraged apprehensive daters to get outside their comfort zones by engaging with others while they’re moving about in the world.  While I stand behind the advice, it begs the question, how do people meet?  Are some ways of meeting people more effective than others?  Today’s survey asks the question, how did you meet your partner?

How People Meet Survey



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Hi there!  I’m Tanya Finks.  I help people date intentionally, build collaborative romantic partnerships, and foster fulfilling physical intimacy.  I’m happily coupled, I’m a staunch believer in vacation, and I love anything crime drama, all things Shonda Rhimes, and everything superhero.

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